Othman Hai


Quality Management & Training Executive


WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance

Trained in the Following Courses:

Other WSQ Courses

  • Information Collection : Perform Investigation Activities in Compliance with Legal Requirements

  • Respond to Fire Incident in Workplace (RFIW)

  • Customer Experiene Managment  

Elective Security Courses

  • Deterrence: Perform Security Duties at Protected Areas and Protected Places (PAPP)

  • Security Screening Management: Conduct Security Screening of Person and Bag (CSSPB)

  • Crowd and Traffic Control Management: Conduct Crrowd and Traffic Control (CCTC)

Senior Security Supervisor Courses

  • Manpower Planning: Monitor and Review Security Operations (MRSO)

  • Incident Response: Perform Monitoring and Reporting Duties at Central Command Centre  (PMRDCCC)

  • Access Control Management: Deploy Security Equipment (DSE)

  • Incident Response: Contribute to the Management of Security Incidents (CMSI)

Security Supervisor Courses

  • Guard and Patrol: Supervise Security Officers (SSOC)

  • Security Risk Analysis: Assess and Address Security Risks (AASR)

  • Security Operation Compliance: Perform Supervisory Duties within Legal Framework (PSDLF)

  • Capability Development: Induct Security Personnel (ISP)

Senior Security Courses 

  • Deterrence: Manage Disorderly Conduct & Threatening Behaviour (MDCTB)

  • Access Control Management: Operate Basic Security Equipment (OBSE)

Basic Licensing Units

  • Threat Observation: Recognise Terrorist Threats  (RTT)

  • Guard and Patrol Services: Provide Guard and Patrol Services (PGPS)

  • Incident Response: Handle Security and Incidents Service (HSIS)


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