Post - Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

What is Post Secondary Education Account

The Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) is part of the Post-Secondary Education Scheme to help pay for your post-secondary education . The PSEA is administered by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and is opened automatically for all eligible Singaporeans. This initiative is inline with the Singapore Government's efforts to encourage every Singaporean to attain his post-secondary education.

Funds in your Post-Secondary Education Account (PSEA) can be used to offset the course fees of the approved programmes.


How to use PSEA for payment?

For payment of approved courses, you withdraw the PSEA funds by establishing a Standing Order with MOE or by submitting an ad hoc withdrawal application as and when any withdrawals are made. 

Establishing a standing order

The Standing Order (SO) is a 1-time application and the SO instructions will apply to all future withdrawals until the SO is terminated or replaced



  • Download the PSEA Standing Order form and submit the completed application

  • If you are no longer studying in an approved institution, you may request to terminate the PSEA Standing Order by submitting an online application using your SingPass.


A parent / guardian is required if you are submitting the application on behalf of an account holder who is below 21 years o.

You will receive a letter informing you of the outcome of the standing order application or termination within 3 weeks after the form submission.

Ad-hoc Withdrawal Application

The ad hoc withdrawal application is an application for a one-time withdrawal for a specific purpose.

You will have to submit the ad hoc withdrawal application forms for each specific withdrawal.

Download the PSEA Ad Hoc Withdrawal form and submit the completed application form to your respective institutions.

PSEA Approved Courses

Recognise Terrorist Threats

Provide Guard and Patrol Services

Perform Security Duties at Protected Area and Protected Places

Handle Security  and Incident Services 

How to Check the PSEA Fund Balance

You can call the 24-hour automated PSEA hotline at 6260 0777 to check the balance amount in your PSEA account.