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Metropolis Training Academy staff win EXSA 2023 Award for Service Excellence

Metropolis Training Academy

17 Nov 2023

It is a matter of great pride for Metropolis Training Academy (MTA), one of Singapore’s top security training institutes, that two of its staff won the EXSA 2023 Awards, instituted by the Singapore Retailers Association. The two professionals were nominated for the Excellent Service Award based on positive feedback from


The award was presented on 9 Nov 2023 at D’Marquee Downtown East. The winners were:

  • Shane Madden 

  • Soh Wei Xuan

The Excellent Service Award is a national award that recognises individuals who have delivered quality service. It seeks to develop service models for staff to emulate and to create service champions. Organisations with EXSA staff are committed to achieving service excellence. They seek to deliver superior service through service champions in their organisations.

In three years since its inception, Metropolis Training Academy has built a reputation for being a top security training institute in Singapore that contributes to continuous learning and skill development of security officer and security supervisors. MTA offers training courses for the entire spectrum of security professionals: from those aspiring to enter the security industry with the Basic Licensing Unit (BLU) courses, to training programs for Senior Security Officers (SSO), Security Supervisors, Senior Security Supervisors, as well as the Chief Security Officers.

a) Shane Maddedn of MTA with the EXSA 2023 Silver Award

b) Sox Wei Xuan of MTA with the EXSA 2023 Silver Award, along with other winners from Metropolis Security

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