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Director's Foreword

I am delighted that Metropolis is crossing another milestone. Following the years in establishing an industry respected security agency, embarking on a security training academy marks our intent to play our part in the lifelong learning of security professionals nationwide. In an ever-changing security landscape, training and upskilling is crucial for the security workforce to stay relevant.


Let me further elaborate. The September Eleven attack and terrorist events shocked many from their slumber that security upgrading and the training resources needed to be prioritized.


In recent years, digitalization is transforming many industries, including the security industry. Not surprisingly, the current Covid-19 pandemic will hasten the digital transformation. Hence, the urgency to continually review the training needs to keep pace with the changes.


As we are still in a state of flux, the future forward is a new frontier that everyone will want to have a stake in. To stay relevant, apart from getting the basics right, we will have to think out of the box and deliver future ready courses. We look forward to inspiring the next generation of Security Professionals.


Our motto, “Security. Be Inspired.”

James Soh

James Soh Chee Chuan


Metropolis Security Systems Pte Ltd



To be the Centre of Excellence for Security training that consistently delivers Effective, Efficient and Engaging learning experience.



Metropolis Training Academy aims to educate, upskill and inspire individuals into professionals in the new age of security industry and to embrace a culture of lifelong learning.



The motto for Metropolis Training Academy is “Security. Be Inspired”.


The motto aims to provide a broader sense of purpose for the security professionals. It also reflects our mission to inspire security professionals through training and upskilling.

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